Mar 10, 2013

Jim & Frank at The Hugo House

Frank Young and James Gill sat down with us at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle, WA to talk about Northwest cartooning. They also spoke about the Hugo House zine collection (ZAPP), and their own creative work they've done over the years. Both Frank and Jim are comic creators, as well as improv artists, and they've hosted the Frank and Jim Podcast at since 2008.

In this short clip they speak with us about the importance of the zine archive at the Hugo House. The Carter Family graphic novel, by David Lasky and Frank Young, makes a cameo appearance.

The Richard Hugo House is famous for offering resources to writers, poets, comic creators, and filmmakers. Their Zapp collection consists of "more than 20,000 zines, comics, chapbooks, and other small press periodicals, making it one of the largest zine collections in the world."

The Richard Hugo House

Jim and Frank's Podcast:

Cartoon Simple

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