Mar 12, 2013

Guest Lecturers: Seattle Central Community College

Several days ago we had the opportunity to guest speak at Seattle Central Community College for a comic course taught by Leonard Rifas. We were invited to talk about our Bezango film and the process of documenting local Pacific Northwest cartoonists. We were able to show some excerpts of the project as well as talk about our recent successful Kickstarter campaign.  The majority of the students were under 25 and it was a good reminder to include information about new and upcoming artists in the film, along with historical cartooning information.  BTW-The image is not from the college class we spoke to, but is one I found on the web of Leonard teaching a comic workshop for K-12 students a while back.  

Leonard is a comic scholar as well as a comic creator. In 1976 he started Educomics. He also made All-Atomic Comics, about the use of nuclear energy, as well as Corproate Crime Comics, Tobacco Comics, and many others. Sine 1986 he has taught cartooning to all ages, and currently is an adjunct professor at Seattle Central Community College. In a few weeks we will be interviewing Leonard for the Bezango film.

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