Jan 13, 2013

Jim Woodring at Fantagraphics

Jim Woodring made an appearance at Fantagraphics in Seattle on Saturday, January 12, 2013. This was a book launch for his new book, Problematic. The book consists of sketches and individual images from Woodring's sketchbooks. Over the last few months the cartoon scene in the Northwest has been truly alive with a bunch of local artists making appearances at the bookstore.

As it says on the Amazon Book website: "If you are one of the fortunate thousands who enjoy untangling the enigmatic images that fill Jim Woodring’s comics and drawings, Problematic is just the book for you to put under your pillow and dream on."

Fantagraphics wrote on their Facebook page: "An exhibition of imagery not included in the book was displayed, as well as the artist’s original sketchbooks, including examples of Woodring’s inventive pop-up drawing constructions." There is still time to get a glimpse inside the creative process of this iconoclastic master of modern cartooning." His work will be on display at Fantagraphics for the next couple of weeks.

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