Oct 9, 2012

The Carter Family Book Release Party!

Yesterday we attended the "Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song Book Launch Party" held at the Hugo House in Seattle, WA. Writer Frank M. Young and artist David Lasky read, and showed slide projections of their original graphic novel, which tells the story of the famed Carter Family, the first superstar group of country music. 

Also in attendance were Stacey Levine, Kelly Froh, Elissa Washuta and Mark Campos,  who took part  part in the multimedia reading with Frank and David. Pictured above is Frank, David, and Kelly.

Above is one of the slides projected during the reading.

Musicians Laurel Bliss and Cliff Perry, seen below,  played a set of Carter Family songs several times during the evening.

“Frank Young and David Lasky have spun a work of visual music that will replay in your head and heart well after you've finished reading it.”
—Art Spiegelman, Pulitzer Prize–winning writer/artist of "Maus"

More information about their amazing new book is located at:


  1. The book sits proudly on my "reading shelf" even as we speaks. A true labor of love and work to be proud of!

  2. Ha ha ha, nobody has any pictures of me at the event! I do my work and go!

    1. MC: You must be in there somewhere...Ill double check. At any rate we caught you at Short Run I believe. :)