Sep 28, 2012

Megan Kelso

Last week we spoke with Megan Kelso, the winner of two Ignatz Awards. She received the awards for Outstanding Artist in 2002 (for Artichoke Tales #1 & Non#5) and Outstanding Minicomic (related to Artichoke Tales). Megan talked about some of the rewards and challenges associated with cartooning. She also spoke about her recent work, and the influence The Evergreen State College had on her development as an artist.

She shared some of her cartoon sketches,  and walked us through her creative process.   We created a short 50 second video showing her at work drawing a mouse. The music for the video was created by 'Can You Imagine', a Seattle based band that cartoonist Peter Bagge plays with.

Megan's Web Site:

More information about Megan:

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