Oct 26, 2012

Bezango Launching on Kickstarter

We released the Kickstarter campaign for our film, Bezango, WA today! 

It has become nearly a right of passage for artists to turn to Kickstarter to help fund their projects.  Louise and I have been producing this film for over two years, travelled many thousands of miles to conduct interviews, and much work still awaits us. We've paid for all of this out of our own funds, which is as it should be. However, we are finally at a point where we could really use some assistance. Our hope is that the Kickstarter campaign will help in offsetting some of the production costs, travel, and post production. As you probably know, it even costs a lot of money to distribute a movie after it is all done. 

We are very proud of our Bezango, WA Kickstarter page, and all the artists who have graciously donated their time to help with the project! 

Mike Tackett, cartoonist extraordinaire, developed the postcard that we are using on the site, as well as part of our promotional material. Above is the final version of the postcard. The image below is an early version Mike created for the project.  We have 37 1/2 more days to go on the KS campaign, and we purposefully set a low goal of $3,000 hoping that will make more than that. We added the extra days (normally KS campaigns should last about 30 days) because of the holidays. We know that people will be very busy this year. We'll let you know in 38 days if this was a good plan or not.

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