Nov 17, 2012

The VHS Art New Wave at Scarecrow

In a perfect blend of 'What is so Great about Seattle', Scarecrow video has teamed up with local cartoonists to host a VHS New Wave exhibition.  Artists have created cartoon style re-renditions of VHS box covers. They are on display at the store, and available for purchase in a silent auction.  There are lots of local comic artists featured in VHS Art New Wave including Marc Palm, David Lasky, Wil Long,  Blair Wilson, Larry Reid, and many more.

The show began October 20th, and continues for just few more days, through November 20th. All the boxes are being sold via silent auction, with proceeds going to benefit Scarecrow Video!

We really don't want to take Scarecrow for advantage and just assume the store will always be here as a Seattle icon. Times are tough in the media brick and mortar world. Let's get out there and continue to rent from their amazing library of movies. It is a MUCH more vast selection of entertainment then what is available on iTunes or Netflix. 

While the store is one of the largest independent video stores in the world, with about 150,000 titles, I think many Seattle-ites don't realize how appreciated it is by other people around the country.  In 2002 Quentin Tarantino called the store asking for directions from his hotel. Tarantino then walked to the store from downtown describing it "as a pilgrimage he had to walk".

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