Nov 19, 2012

New Kickstarter Video

Thanks so much to the generous contributions from comic fans, friends, and family the Kickstart campaign is going well. With 13 days left we are almost 75% complete with the Kickstarter goal. This is good by most any Kickstarter standard.

We recently updated the home page video at Kickstarter. It goes into much more detail about the film, and showcases excerpts of interviews with Brian Basset (creator of Red and Rover), Roberta Gregory (creator of Bitchy Bitch), Ellen Forney (author of Marbles), and Shary Flenniken (former cartoonist and editor of National Lampoon Magazine). The first video was fun, but the new one has important information about our budget and samples from the film. You can view the new video, and more information about our film, at the Bezango Kickstarter site.  I've also posted both the new KS video and the first one below. We hope this helps put us over the set financial goal. Thank you for sharing the link and/or your financial contributions to the film (both are much appreciated!).

New video posted at Kickstarter, November 18th, 2012.

Original video at Kickstarter site posted October 22nd, 2012.

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