Sep 9, 2013

That's Ski Life by Bob Cram!

While editing Bezango, WA at the Third Place Books coffee area (in Lake Forest Park, WA) I couldn't believe me eyes when I saw a NEW cartoon book by Bob Cram on display! 

Bob Cram was the King 5 Cartoon Weather Man from 1963-1972, and an avid award-winning Seattle illustrator for may years. If you lived in the Northwest during the 1960s-1970s you may also recall that he hosted a television show called Ski Nanny. 

In 2005 Skiing Heritage Magazine had this to say about Bob Cram: "With sixty years of published work, Bob Cram arguably had the most productive career of any American ski cartoonist."

His new book is titled That's Ski Life: Comic Strips, Illustrations, and Gags by Skiing's Favorite Cartoonist.  The book is published 2013 by Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.  It contains many cartoons republished from the 1940s-2000. Bob Cram also writes about himself, his career, and the back-story behind many of these comics.

Contact Third Place Books directly to find out how you can order one online.

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