Sep 9, 2013

That's Ski Life by Bob Cram!

While editing Bezango, WA at the Third Place Books coffee area (in Lake Forest Park, WA) I couldn't believe me eyes when I saw a NEW cartoon book by Bob Cram on display! 

Bob Cram was the King 5 Cartoon Weather Man from 1963-1972, and an avid award-winning Seattle illustrator for may years. If you lived in the Northwest during the 1960s-1970s you may also recall that he hosted a television show called Ski Nanny. 

In 2005 Skiing Heritage Magazine had this to say about Bob Cram: "With sixty years of published work, Bob Cram arguably had the most productive career of any American ski cartoonist."

His new book is titled That's Ski Life: Comic Strips, Illustrations, and Gags by Skiing's Favorite Cartoonist.  The book is published 2013 by Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.  It contains many cartoons republished from the 1940s-2000. Bob Cram also writes about himself, his career, and the back-story behind many of these comics.

Contact Third Place Books directly to find out how you can order one online.


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  3. Hmmmmm, Nobody remembers Bob Cram?!!
    Host of the TV Show Ski Nanny on Channel 5, King TV Weather Man and QFC advertising Seattle Washington, some of the Best episodes I remember (the Charleston Done on Skis) were on location on Mt Baldy Sun Valley Idaho.
    Including the Sun Valley Ski School Director (I think his name was Wen Bardger), Several followers who were actually known as anybody who could keep up, fall in line, take direction while sliding down hill and Stay in front of the Camera which included my My Parents Cal & Bonnie Bannon who palled around with Bob and Crew Mostly after Dad Retired from City Light in 1977☺ ...Needless to say my Brother and I were left behind during these great times in West Seattle with a Nanny
    (Thanks for Nothing Dad)☻
    Leaving me with no other choice than to drive myself to Sun Valley and sleep in the parking lot like Warren Miller first chance I got. See Warren Miller's Wine, Women, Warren and Skis
    My Dad (the ultimate Buzz kill) Hated the Beatles and threaten KJR (95am) he'd turn their power off if they didn't play Beethoven?!!
    Bob helped my dad "loosen up", Appreciate Wine, Women and Skis, in other words Partying, Skiing in Hot Weather, Hot Chicks and just a whole lotta Fun!!!
    Here's Snap shot done sometime in the late 60s early 70s also done in the True light of the Show Ski Nanny;

    For more Bob Cram type episodes Follow Warren Miller
    Bob Cram you are already missed, rest in peace!