May 8, 2013

Intruder Comics

Our latest video sample features Intruder Comics. This is a monthly, or semi-monthly, comic on newsprint created by an artist collective in the Seattle area. The participants pool their resources to publish a newspaper format and distribute it for free.  Keep tabs on the Intruder! They're up to something and it wouldn't surprise me if another era of Northwest cartooning stems in part from what they are doing.

While it is not actually a newspaper, in that it doesn't actually report on news events, Intruder does remind me of The Helix. The Helix was Seattle's first underground newspaper published in 1967. It too seems to have had a similar collective spirit. It is great to see that print publishing, by a generation of cartoonists who are mostly under 35 by the way, is not dead at all!

More information about Intruder Comics and the artists behind the paper:

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