Aug 10, 2012

Brian Basset Interview

Today we interviewed Seattle cartoonist Brian Basset about his syndicated comic strip Red and Rover. He also talked about the other cartoon work he has created over the years.  It was especially awesome to film him walking though the creation of his daily comic strip. 

Brian was very generous with his time and during the interview we had the opportunity to ask him about his work with NASA (excerpt below).

Ron: “Tell us about the work you’ve done with NASA”

Brian: “Early on in doing the strip I had this connection with NASA. They involved me in a number of fund raising activities. They put on a show of my space themed work at their headquarters about seven or eight years ago, which was a big honor. I was the first cartoonist to have their own show at NASA headquarters.”

Brian:  “NASA asked if I would be interest in doing the commemorative poster for the end of the Shuttle program. They weren’t paying, but just asking was payment enough. So, talk about putting pressure on one’s self (laughs).  It was probably the most pressure packed drawing I’ve ever done in my life. But it went really well and it was well received. They had me down to Cape Kennedy twice both for the launch and the landing of Atlantis to sign posters. So it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Red and Rover appears in about 200 newspapers including the Seattle Times. It is also on various web sites including:

During the interview Brian's cat, Atlas, found a comfortable spot to sleep while Ron was asking questions.

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